How to effectively carry out the cleaning and maintenance of children's park facilities -? Guangzhou Smart Playground

by:SKP     2020-01-22
Safety is not only the responsibility of the children's park operators, parents also need to pay attention to friends, choose the place to regulate the children's park, can avoid many safety problems, the two sides work together, let the children naturally enjoy a safe and good time. Children's amusement park equipment is close to children, and the loss is large. Health problems also need to be further controlled. Disinfection work should be done as much as possible. New amusement equipment manufacturers can summarize the following points. For those plastic parts and glass fibers, we can use soap and water, disinfect, soak and dilute after bleaching, gently scrub with soft cloth or soft brush, and rinse with clear water, dry or dry with a clean cloth. Finally, spray some 84 disinfectant. For the soft sponge part of large children's amusement equipment, we can wash it with soft cloth and soapy water. Moisture-proof, heat-resistant, non-fading wooden parts can be washed with soapy water, and then sprayed with 84 disinfectant. For metal parts of large children's amusement equipment, if rust is needed, please remove rust with a brush and wipe with a dry cloth. When the electrical part of the circuit is cleaned, first ensure that the power supply is cut off and water is prohibited. Wet rags are usually clean and then powered on after drying. All large children's amusement equipment, outdoor slides and drill pipes should not have water after rainy days. If so, a hole with a diameter of 4mm should be drained at the lowest place. If it is an indoor activity room, floor, wall surface, etc. , ultraviolet radiation disinfection shall be carried out every day, and the room shall be ventilated frequently. Disinfect with hydrogen peroxide once a week. For children who disinfect large equipment, while playing, they must also check whether the connection parts are firm, the metal is often active in the connection parts, and whether all parts and common parts of the wiring are damaged, can not maintain sharp spine safety hazards. Cleaning and maintaining the system inside the children's park is also a complete safety inspection, which is the first for children's safety, the new amusement equipment hopes that the development intelligence of children in children's paradise can be carried out at the same time of all health and safety. For more information, pay attention to the public Number of Qiyuan art
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