How to ensure the safety of children's slides? - Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-23
With the healthy development of the industry, the safety of children's amusement facilities has attracted more and more attention. High quality, high popularity and high safety performance are also issues that children's slide manufacturers must attach great importance. Therefore, how to improve the safety of children's slides has become the primary concern of many manufacturers? How to choose a children's slide 1. Regarding the combination slide, all the equipment that can cause the child's hands, head, body, feet and other parts must be finished. 2, swing, rocking equipment must consider the cushioning performance of the product. 3, all equipment, no sharp part exposed (Such as screws, etc) The exposed part may involve children's clothes, and children are in danger due to hooks. Therefore, the exposed part must be covered by a circular cover. 4, must have a high performance, high quality, durability, good Material Design. 5. In order to prevent the child from accidentally falling down, the guard bar must be set at the equipment and at a specific height. 6, it is recommended to safely mat on the ground. Children can rely on floor mats to reduce injuries when falling.
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