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by:SKP     2020-03-10
How to identify the quality of good children's amusement equipment? There are a lot of children's amusement equipment on the market now, which dazzles investors. So, how to identify the quality of good children's amusement equipment?     1, from the objective judgment:  Childhood is the basic stage of life, from the fetus, infants, infants, preschool children to adolescents are in the process of continuous growth and development. Its dynamic characteristics are different from those of adults and vary greatly from age to age. It is necessary to realistically consider the child's intellectual development and physical development to purchase suitable children's play equipment.   2. View instructions  Every children's amusement equipment manufacturer has a manual, and investors can watch the manual carefully. Recommended reading: specific maintenance steps for children's amusement equipment  3, refused three no products  According to the provisions of the quality law, all products produced and sold in China should be marked with the name of the factory, the address of the factory and the certificate of approval, and should be marked with standard Chinese characters. The instructions provide a lot of information about the product and should be read carefully. Refuse three no products, so when purchasing children's amusement equipment, attention should be paid to whether the instructions for the use of children's amusement equipment are standardized and complete.   1. Product Positioning  This is very important, why do you say this? For example, if you open a clothing store, but you sell fruit, the business is definitely not good. However, the people who go to play children's amusement equipment are all children, so they should choose projects suitable for children to play, and those projects that run faster, thrilling and exciting can be appropriately selected.     2, the playability of the product  Today's children are no more than before, and there are many ways for them to entertain, so the children are also very picky. When choosing children's amusement equipment, we should choose those equipment with attractive appearance, entertainment and playability.     3, to ensure the hygiene of the product  No one is willing to come to places with poor environment, so operators should always pay attention to the hygiene problems of children's amusement equipment places and clean the equipment every day, only in this way can parents rest assured that their children will take our children's amusement equipment.     It is the last word to operate children's amusement equipment with care. Children have fun and operators can naturally get good returns. I hope the above suggestions can attract your attention!
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