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by:SKP     2020-02-12
To dare to purchase: people who do small business often do not dare to purchase. I am always afraid that if I can't sell it, I will have a backlog. In fact, it is a big mistake to think so. I don't believe you can look at these old businessmen. People's stalls are always full of goods. This is because there is a scale benefit at work. As the saying goes: Not afraid of don't sell afraid of goods not. There is another saying: a hundred customers in the department store. That is to say, only if you have more goods, you will sell more money. What kind of goods will be liked. Because people and people's hobbies are different. If you have a total of 100 yuan, it is not good to put it there. People will know that you are not professional. There are not many things to choose from, but one can't buy a few things, but people often do, want to buy a thing, I always want to choose the one I am most satisfied with among 10 thousand styles, which is why there are always more things to do and more business. I believe everyone should listen to the old people say this. But there is not much to do, because I am always afraid that I can't sell it. Anyway, they are all in this industry. Instead of wasting time and manpower, it is better to do it all.
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