How to maintain the trampoline? - Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-19
Trampoline is an indoor entertainment project that has emerged in the past two years. It is suitable for adults and children. In fact, trampoline belongs to children's amusement equipment. Trampoline is also an aerobic exercise, which contributes to physical and mental health and is a good place to exercise and have leisure and entertainment. Trampoline has a particularly large flow of people, and the utilization rate of trampoline and other equipment is also relatively high. How to do a good job in the maintenance of trampoline equipment is a problem that operators need to consider. Trampoline equipment 15 days for a test cycle, mainly to check whether the theme bracket deformation, the main bracket screw is loose, there is a loose place fixed in time. 2. Check the trampoline surface every day for scratches. If there are scratches, pay more attention to them. Contact the manufacturer to replace the new surface before affecting the safety of use. Check every day for any garbage and sharp objects missed by guests, and handle and clean them in time. When cleaning the surface, it is recommended to wipe it with a vacuum cleaner or a wet towel and dry it. 4. Check the spring for deformation and rust every week, pay attention to the tension of the spring in the static state, and judge whether it needs to be replaced. When still, no tension indicates that the spring is normal and stretched, indicating that the spring has reached its service life and needs to be replaced. 5. Every day, check whether the surface of the trampoline soft bag pad is damaged and cracked, whether the tailor is off-line, whether the sponge inside the soft bag is displaced, whether the soft bag and the hook and loop seam are moved or not aligned, and if found, return to the position in time. Finally: maintenance work must form a habit, remember not to be careless, to avoid bringing security risks to users and places. Precautions when playing children's trampoline
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