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by:SKP     2020-03-08
First of all, from the development direction and market demand of the amusement equipment industry. China's amusement industry started late, but developed rapidly. Throughout the amusement industry in our country, the coastal areas and a few cities in the mainland were the first to develop and prosper in the late 1980s S. After more than 20 years of development, amusement parks in various places are now, amusement equipment can be seen everywhere in amusement parks and parks, but most of them are large amusement facilities and large and medium-sized children's amusement equipment, and small children's amusement equipment is rarely seen, however, most of the consumer groups in the amusement industry are young people and children, and children account for the largest proportion. Small children's amusement equipment is the product facing children's consumption, therefore, the gap of small amusement equipment products is large, which means that in the market of amusement equipment, the potential for development is huge. If you can catch this opportunity in time, the potential for development will be undoubted, and achieving profitability will be an inevitable trend! Secondly, from the investment cost of small amusement equipment, compared with large children's amusement equipment, the investment cost of small children's amusement equipment is relatively low, and the cost recovery speed will be relatively fast. In addition, the requirements for the operation site of small children's amusement equipment are not high. Compared with the requirements for the occupation site of large equipment, small children's amusement equipment does not need too many operation sites, no need to be restricted by the venue to achieve 'anytime, anywhere' operation. Again, due to the small size of the small children's play equipment itself, the safety is relatively high, and there will be no too dangerous situation. We should know that one of the most important aspects of operating amusement equipment now is to ensure safety. If there is a safety problem, it is not a question of how much money to earn, but how much money to lose. Therefore, ensuring safety is the rule for amusement equipment to operate iron. Of course, all of the above are the advantages of small amusement equipment itself, but now there are various amusement products, and how to choose good products is also related to profitability. So what kind of product is the choice? The quality of the first product is the foundation of the amusement equipment and the guarantee of safety! While pursuing novelty, we should not relax our requirements for the quality of amusement equipment. We should know that quality is the life of amusement equipment, so we must not take shortcuts to make profits quickly, the quality and safety of amusement equipment must be guaranteed. Finally, you must understand the principle of 'rare goods can live in'. To attract customers, first of all, your products must be the latest models on the market! Ordinary amusement equipment is the most common, so be brave to be the first person who dares to eat crabs! In order to create more wealth than people! Think about that if you didn't miss Ma Huateng's five-figure QQ, Ma Yun's Taobao, you are now a billionaire! Want to make money, to run small children's play equipment! If you want to make a profit quickly, come to SKP company and buy it! !
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