How to manage the naughty Castle Children's Park? - Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-21
There is competition in the market, and there is competition to win or lose. How to stand out in the competition lies not only in the management skills and management methods of the operators, but also in the safety, educational and educational nature of their amusement facilities. In general, it is not difficult to run a children's paradise, because no matter in big cities or small towns, there are children's amusement parks, which is a glorious era for the amusement industry. The demand for amusement continues to expand, and both supply and demand are developing in a positive and optimistic direction. So, how to manage the naughty Castle Children's Park? How does the naughty Castle business increase customer stickiness? First, whether the unique geographical location is superior enough affects whether the children's paradise can be easily and continuously operated from the starting point. The so-called 'one step and three cities' is the truth. The children's playground is opened in a location with poor location and scarce people. Even if the rent is cheap, it cannot afford the heavy responsibility of long-term operation. Of course, the children's playground equipment with weak renting ability is also difficult to withstand the store with high rents. How to find a balance between rent and location in the indoor children's park is a problem that the industry has been exploring. Although the superior geographical location can bring a good start to business, this is only the beginning, not the decisive factor. If it is a children's paradise that is already in operation, in the process of operation, it is found that the geographical location is not as expected at the beginning, the popularity has not reached the ideal state, but the location cannot be changed, then, it's time to start from other aspects. II. High quality service management the service level of service personnel in children's playground directly affects consumers' impression and attitude towards the venue. Active and passive, fast and delayed, every detail will leave the evaluation in the minds of consumers. Service requirements are reflected in: 1. Service quality: reliable, effective, credible and practical; 2. Service attitude: proactive, warm and patient, meticulous and thoughtful, civilized and polite; 3. Service speed: solve problems quickly, including timeliness, punctuality and time saving. Third, effective publicity and promotion channels: the promotion method of children's paradise is to choose the advertising of mass media such as paper media and the Internet, or new guidance methods such as group buying and cross-industry joint venture? Is it an offline activity or an online interaction? It should be set according to the consumption habits of the target audience. Audience: for different potential consumers, age, gender, circle, occupation, consumption type and other different groups, targeted publicity is often easier to achieve the goal.
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