How to match children's amusement equipment reasonably -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-21
Children's amusement equipment is the core of the operation of children's amusement park. It is very important to know how to reasonably match children's amusement equipment. Reasonable equipment collocation and placement are easier to attract the attention of customers, thus improving the popularity and performance of the park. So how to make a reasonable match with children's play equipment? How to choose naughty Castle manufacturer? 1. There are many children's amusement equipment on the market. Usually, a children's park will have different types of children's amusement equipment. When placing these amusement equipment, they should be customized according to the actual scale of the site and comply with the requirements of different types of amusement equipment in different directions. In this way, each area can be reasonably planned to make the equipment layout of the entire park more in place. II. Complementary functions there are many children's amusement equipments of the same category but different functions on the market. When placing children's amusement equipments, attention should be paid to the complementary principles between amusement equipments. Amusement equipment with different functions should be put together as far as possible so that children can play with equipment with different functions in the same area, thus having more fun. For example, educational amusement equipment can be combined with sports amusement equipment to form an amusement project team. When matching children's amusement equipment, it is best to combine static equipment with dynamic equipment to meet the needs of children with different personalities. When planning and matching, we must first consider the age group of the customer group, the area of the site, the investment budget and other factors. It is best to find a professional market analyst and planner to tailor the plan for the park, ensure the playability and fun of the park. Third, the popularity of some popular children's amusement equipment, or some new amusement equipment just introduced, the park operators should put these amusement equipment in a prominent position that customers can see at a glance. In this way, visitors who pass by can see it, and they can also know the new amusement equipment, which is attracted to the store to play. Fourth, the combination of hot and cold, children's parks are generally very popular equipment and not popular amusement equipment, do not put all the popular equipment together when planning and placing, otherwise, there will be a large number of customers gathering in one place, resulting in congestion of the channel. The best way to match the equipment is to put the cold and hot door equipment together, which can disperse the crowd and improve the play rate of the cold door equipment. It is very important for park operators to know how to match children's amusement equipment reasonably, but it is also very important to choose children's amusement equipment. Only safe, novel and interesting amusement equipment, coupled with a reasonable combination, can bring higher profits to the park.
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