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by:SKP     2020-03-11
1. The choice of operation mode the operation mode of common amusement equipment includes fixed place operation and mobile operation. Generally, operators with slight strength will choose fixed places to operate. The specific places mainly include the following: parks, shopping malls, super high, squares, scenic spots, etc. One of the common characteristics of these places is that, the large flow of people and the guaranteed source of customers are the first mode of operation for most amusement equipment operators. The other is mobile operation. Operators operate amusement equipment by means of catching temple fairs and fairs, this kind of operation mode is relatively small in investment and quick in income. It is mainly based on small amusement equipment, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly and flexible in operation mode. 2, the choice of amusement equipment, for different business premises, the equipment collocation is also different. For example, mobile operation, choose some small equipment, such as track train, monkey cart, clown flying chair, battery car, and electronic amusement machines such as playing Monkey, etc. These equipment are relatively light, it is easy to move and has beautiful appearance, which has great advantages in liquidity management. For the operation of fixed places, it is mainly necessary to build the uniqueness of its own equipment to ensure that there are no identical amusement items around. The equipment should be replaced frequently and more interesting items should be selected, such as octopus flying, 16-24 luxury horses, squid play water and so on. In general, the operation of amusement equipment should be observed more by itself, more innovation should be made in the operation items, and a suitable operation mode should be selected in the operation mode, in the selection of manufacturers of amusement equipment, try to choose large manufacturers with strength.
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