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by:SKP     2020-02-08
There are many factors that affect the business of children's bumper car playground, the most important of which is the flow of people in the venue. If the venue is in a remote place, there will be no business. If the venue is chosen in a prosperous area, the place with large traffic will have good benefits, but the cost will be high and the profit will not be much. Especially for those who are involved in the amusement industry for the first time, the budget is not high, and the investment is too large and the funds are not allowed. Community square, kindergarten park, playground comprehensive shopping mall. Those who do this kind of business generally make money. The quality of bumper cars of wobeqi amusement equipment is quite good, which can be searched on Alibaba.   1. To choose a suitable operating venue, Zhao Xiaobian suggested that you can operate in a large shopping mall plaza or park and other places where children often go. After the site is confirmed, we should choose the appropriate manufacturer according to our own budget. When choosing the manufacturer, we are drunk and can choose a good bumper car with guaranteed quality, then negotiate with the manufacturer about the production date and installation date. 3. After determining the installation date, we can determine the business Date. During this period, we can publicize and promote our bumper car site and determine the fare.
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