How to place the equipment in the mall? - Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-23
When I walked into the mall, I found that the products in the mall were placed regularly. The products that are commonly used in hot sales are placed in easy-to-see positions, and the products that are not commonly used are placed in remote locations. The naughty equipment in the children's paradise is placed in the same way as the products in the mall. One item that may be ignored but cannot be ignored in the operation of children's naughty Castle is the placement of equipment, which can attract a large number of customers and increase profit income for us, therefore, we must pay attention to the placement of the equipment. So how should the equipment be placed? First, we should think according to the needs of customers, that is, from the perspective of children, what kind of games children like to play and what kind of facilities are more attractive to them. After understanding these, we should put these things in conspicuous places as symbolic things. It is usually placed at the entrance or at the cash register. Second, we should combine the advantages and characteristics of the equipment with each other, and drive the popularity of other equipment through popular children's naughty Fort amusement equipment, so that children can linger on. Third, to take into account the relevant safety issues, to leave enough space between the equipment, so that children have enough space to prevent collision accidents during play. Fourth, according to the income of the equipment, it is necessary to achieve the call of mutual exchange and relative characteristics, and improve the profitability of the equipment and the playground. In any case, regarding naughty Castle, doing business should start from the customer's point of view. Only when the customer is satisfied can there be repeat customers, and customers can also play the role of free publicity, earn popularity for children's naughty Castle Park and increase income. How much does it cost to open a naughty Castle?
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