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by:SKP     2020-03-11
With the improvement of people's material living standards, people's pursuit of spiritual living standards is also getting higher and higher, especially for children, who are very willing to spend, which has given birth to the rise of children's amusement equipment industry. At present, the amusement equipment industry is a sunrise industry. Many people are rushing to enter this industry, which has also led to chaos in the industry and chaos in site planning. Then the question is, how to plan an indoor children's park from a professional perspective. The author makes the following comments for you, hoping to help. Site and equipment safety The author believes that whether it is to build an indoor children's park or an outdoor children's park, the first consideration is safety. Safety includes the safety of the site and the safety of the purchased amusement equipment. When planning the site, we must take the safety of the site into consideration, such as escape routes, safe exits, electricity safety, etc. Only by doing this is the most important step, the amusement park is likely to continue to operate for a long time, so when we plan the venue, we must reserve a safe area. The safety of amusement equipment cannot be ignored either. Some operators do not pay attention to the qualification and strength of manufacturers when purchasing amusement equipment, resulting in many safety and quality problems in the purchased products, such as amusement equipment leakage, battery leakage, leakage or equipment without safety warning, etc. , in case of an accident, it is regrettable.
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