How to put children's play equipment better -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-24
Children like to go to naughty Castle to play, how to attract children's attention, must pay attention to the principle of children's amusement equipment placement, then, today let's talk about how children's large amusement equipment is placed to attract customers 1. Children's large amusement equipment placement skills: Popular equipment for some very popular children's large amusement equipment, or some newly introduced children's large amusement equipment, managers should put these large amusement equipment in a conspicuous place, so as to increase the popularity of these large amusement equipment and make the new large amusement equipment known to tourists, more popular. For example, places with beautiful scenery in amusement parks, places with large flow of people in amusement parks, and ticket offices in amusement parks are also places where popular amusement equipment can be placed. In addition, it will have a good effect in the popular large-scale amusement equipment. 2. Placement skills of large amusement equipment for children: principle of complementarity when placing large amusement equipment for children, attention should be paid to the principle of complementarity between large amusement equipment, for example, educational large-scale amusement equipment should be put together with sports large-scale amusement equipment, which is also an important skill for placing large-scale amusement equipment. 3. Placement skills of children's large amusement equipment: at present, almost all large amusement places have different types of children's amusement equipment in different models and positions. When placing these large amusement equipment, it is necessary to follow different types of large amusement equipment in different positions, so as to ensure the safety of children when playing with large amusement equipment, it can also make the layout of large amusement equipment in the whole amusement place in place, giving people a clear feeling. 4. Placement skills of children's large amusement park equipment: There are many functional classifications. Large amusement park equipment of the same category may have different functions. Therefore, when placing large amusement park equipment of the same category, large amusement equipment with different functions should be put together as far as possible, so that children can come back happily to a great extent. 5. Placement skills of children's large amusement equipment: reserved space there should be considerable space between children's large amusement equipment, this will help children not to cause physical injury due to excessive movements when playing with large amusement equipment. Reasonable use of one. It is our common wish to make our business better with certain management skills.
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