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by:SKP     2020-03-12
  At present, the indoor playground has become a standard for large shopping malls, and small business super as long as the location and area permit, have also launched a small naughty Castle playground. Because merchants have long realized that children's money is best earned, not only the project makes money, but also attracts parents to drive the consumption of catering and other retail goods, and the market potential is huge.   At the same time, there are also merchants who expand their ideas and extend the theme of amusement facilities to the theme of water park. Recently, a water resort park of a dealer in Shandong opened, and various water park projects attracted a large number of citizens. According to the staff, even if it is not a weekend, dozens of people are waiting in line when the park opens at 10 o'clock in the morning. The investment of more than 100,000 yuan is less than one year to recover the cost. How much money do children earn? Mr. Li rented 20 m² yuan in a shopping mall and built a bumper car platform. He provided bumper cars for customers to play. Mr. Li said that the charging standard for remote control bumper cars is 10 minutes and 15 yuan. When he invested in this project, he invested more than 100,000 yuan in the early stage. After less than one year of operation, the investment was all back. Mr. Li is very satisfied.     Mr. Zhang, who runs an inflatable rock climbing project in a shopping mall, does not shy away from investing in a number of rides here. The reason for the multiple investments is of course a considerable profit. The choice of his amusement projects is mainly for children of older age, such as rock climbing and bumper cars. Mr. Zhang said that the amusement projects in the big shopping malls are almost drought and flood protection: the parents of junior high school students often give money, and the children can be free to control.       Close to the amusement project, small business can also borrow light. In fact, the reason behind the merchants' wrestling indoor playgrounds is to drive the surrounding economy. Ms. Li has a snack booth near the indoor recreation area of a shopping mall. She revealed that the stall is a contracted shopping mall with a monthly rent of 5500 yuan, and all expenses add up to 1. 20 thousand yuan ~ 1. RMB 30 thousand. In this way, at least 400 yuan will be sold every day to close the cost. But Ms. Li said that most of the more than 20 booths around them make money. Especially on weekends and winter and summer vacations, it is the most profitable time. The turnover of summer vacation is at least five times or more than that of normal months. Reminder: investing in playground venues is very important    Most indoor amusement parks can cooperate with shopping malls. Individuals must visit more amusement parks with relatively successful operations before investing, and then draw up their own site area, customer groups and theme of amusement parks, look for manufacturers. It is very important to choose the right venue, which is the premise of making money in the future. When choosing a venue, investors should know the area and floor plan of the venue before they can find the best location to ensure passenger flow.     Suggestion: small amusement projects are also profitable  For junior investors, it may be difficult to start from a big mall. Some junior investors have focused on small amusement projects such as large supermarkets or naughty castles in high-end communities. For example, the naughty Castle is a special amusement project for young children. The small amusement project is undoubtedly better than the low rent, small investment, and fast return. But the key factor for the lucrative profit is the smart location of the operator.     There are several kinds of venues suitable for operating indoor naughty castles. Comprehensive shopping malls and supermarket-type shopping malls are all places where there are plenty of tourists. It is also a good choice near high-end residential areas; The other is a large square or park.
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