How to reduce risks is a problem that must be considered before investing in amusement equipment in Square shopping malls, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-10
Now everyone knows that the Square Mall amusement equipment is a good project, and more and more investors. However, more and more people are investing in the amusement equipment of the plaza. The greater the competitive pressure, the higher the risk. How to reduce the risk is a problem that must be considered before investing in and operating the amusement equipment of Plaza shopping malls. Only by considering carefully before investing can the risk be reduced. There are three points that must be considered before investing in the operation of the Plaza Mall amusement equipment: site selection, capital, and safety. First, the site selection: The location is definitely very important. 1. Site selection considerations: people flow, land price, government policies, surrounding environment, citizens' needs, peer competition, and their own funds. 2. Combine the local stream of people and consumption level, and position the type of amusement equipment in the square, such as the amusement equipment in the large square, the children's playground, and the leisure playground equipment of the citizens; Or in the community, shopping centers, shopping malls or densely populated places can be set up children's Square shopping mall amusement equipment Daquan, parks, large amusement parks and stimulating large Square shopping mall amusement equipment Daquan. Second, the funds: mainly for the previous funds and late funds. 1. The preliminary funds include: the expenses for handling the business license and business procedures, the expenses for purchasing the amusement equipment of the plaza, the advertising investment before the opening of the business, the expenses for handling tickets, membership cards, etc. 2. Later funds include: usual sanitation and cleaning expenses, equipment maintenance expenses, follow-up Plaza amusement equipment update, increase expenses, water and electricity, fire protection, monitoring and other safety expenses. Third, Security: Security issues must be seriously considered, and must not cut corners. 1, must choose and buy qualified Square amusement equipment, and do a good job in related maintenance and regular inspection. 2. Operation, management and maintenance personnel shall undergo strict training and assessment and obtain the qualification certificate issued by the administrative department of quality and technical supervision. 3, there must be an emergency plan. For example, sudden power failure during equipment operation, sudden equipment failure and other unforeseen accidents.
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