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by:SKP     2020-02-07
Generally speaking, the children's amusement equipment in the park is aimed at 0- For children around the age of 12, it is estimated that their parents are about 25-About 35 years old. As the economic power to guide and lead children's consumption, it is more important to analyze parents than children. Children only like toys and novel amusement equipment, and most of these parents are post-80s, whose main characteristics are fast acceptance of new things, strong learning ability, independent personality and dare to think and do. Operators need to analyze their consumption habits, hobbies, communication methods, etc. according to these characteristics. When you know the customer well enough, you can understand the customer's needs and have a way to retain the customer. Therefore, it is particularly important to collect customer information. From the first time to the customer, it is necessary to plan to seize the customer. It is best for the operator to design the customer information form, to remind the customer that the more detailed the information, the better, the customers referred to are children and parents, such as their birthdays, mobile phone numbers, WeChat, qq, hobbies, allergies, etc, to achieve the purpose of making customers feel humanized, warm and intimate. It is also important to ensure timely and effective communication with customers after obtaining these materials. We can set up WeChat discussion groups or QQ groups to involve customers. The content can be opinions or suggestions on children's amusement equipment, and we can also choose parent-child games or provide interactive parent-child games. Mobilizing the enthusiasm of customers is also conducive to the continuous improvement of amusement equipment. The amusement equipment that customers need is good and useful amusement equipment. It is more effective for customers to help choose amusement equipment than to choose their own. If conditions permit, you can also apply for WeChat public number, US group purchase, Baidu glutinous rice, and promote it more. Let our customers know the latest developments in the children's paradise, the update of amusement equipment, the introduction of the benefits and safety of amusement equipment, etc. , so that parents can rest assured. In addition, many parents have to take care of their children. How to let parents spend so long time happily is a topic worth studying. For example, prepare some books that people of this age group love to read, provide wifi, prepare some intimate snacks, and also come with coffee and tea. Give full play to intimate moments, make full use of holidays and customers' birthdays, and make good use of greetings, small gifts or free coupons for children's amusement equipment. Small details move customers and make them feel that they have received attention, nature will not leave, the key is whether it is intentional. What is more effective than grasping the heart of a customer? Today, with more and more detailed management, children's park operators can only make parents and children like your children's park if they show better services in smaller details.
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