How to solve the problem of losing money in the indoor children's park -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-21
The domestic children's park market is an emerging industry. At present, the market is absent, which has attracted the attention of investors. However, no matter what investment, there will be competition. Competition is customer and service. Xiao Bian is also spending the holidays near the store. I found that some children's parks are so bad, and some are even closed. Of course, they may be other people's companies, and there are some types that are not open. After Xiao Bian came back, he thought for a moment and found the following problems. Site Location Problem: I found that the park is not in the square, next to the shopping malls, etc. , not in the work area, there are few shops, only a few children in the park to play there, there are many holidays next to it, it can be said that is some bus stop. There are people around, the address is not good, and the vehicles are going around. This is the problem that existed from the beginning. When did the pioneer park start to be so small, it is recommended that investors do market research and site selection. Workshop equipment and environment, Xiaobian found that some children in the storage equipment did not play and often had some dust. They did not have equipment first, and health problems were not good, therefore, it is also a big problem for investors to focus on completing the health of the store when investing in opening a store. Parents also hope that their children can play in a healthy environment. Electrical and non-electrical equipment, like some'Carousel' There, coconut turntables and animal odd plates, spray ball machines, can be used for the whole equipment. Employee psychology. You want to know our life and work, maintain passion and enthusiasm, increase our personal charm, and also give people a solid and beautiful impression, while Xiao Bian glanced around Disneyland, I found that the workers were listless and not in the state. Therefore, this will be a paradise for investors in management. Therefore, in the process of our business, it is necessary to maintain a warm smile and a state of vitality. It may be that Xiao Bian has some one-sided understanding, but in our park, maintaining a good health and enthusiastic attitude can really add a lot to our park. I hope to help the majority of investors. For more information, please pay attention to our wechat public number.
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