How to use Internet thinking to operate children's amusement equipment- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-22
The blowout development of the children's amusement equipment market has been fully verified by the market. More and more start-ups are pouring into the children's amusement equipment industry, especially the indoor children's amusement park, which is highly praised by many investors. The homogenization of products is becoming more and more obvious. Ordinary amusement facilities are no longer attractive, and creative and fun facilities are difficult to obtain. How to ensure that your own indoor children's paradise wins a place in the fierce market requires the use of Internet thinking to operate children's amusement equipment. One. Looking for traffic. As an operator, traffic is fundamental. All subsequent management and operation are based on traffic. How can our merchants obtain traffic? 1. Brand drainage method, some consumers prefer brands. With the praise as the center, the merchants only need to meet the local consumers on the hot spots, and naturally spread the word of mouth. 2. WeChat drainage method, the world of the Internet, has added a heavyweight tool, that is WeChat. Operators add consumed customers to WeChat group, so that they can manage their own customers and easily realize secondary consumption. 3, the spread of drainage method, by the company leaders, send a preferential message to the circle of friends, as long as the people who forward this message, can get a play discount at a certain point in time, in order to stimulate consumption. 4. Recommended drainage method. All old customers bring new customers to play and obtain universal vouchers to realize the fission of human flow. 5. Take advantage of the drainage method to get along well with local businesses or government agencies, understand the latest local current news, and attract customers' eyes with the help of news popularity. Two. Conversion traffic all traffic, if it can not be used by the merchant, it does not make any sense, and it hurts the people. How to convert specific traffic? Generally speaking, only a simple payment rule is needed. 1. Cost-effective payment rules, formulate appropriate prices and consumption time to make consumers feel value. 2, convenient payment rules, a variety of payment methods, support cash can be WeChat, Alipay, etc. Three: Retained traffic in today's era, information transparency is high, any product price is too high, will be eliminated by competitors, so the price must be close to the people, the road of small profits but quick turnover, this is the direction that merchants should choose. The longer you live, the more you earn. The way you kill the goose that lays the golden eggs can no longer be used. The retention of traffic can refer to the following aspects: 1. Establish a customer management system. Every customer who has consumed is pulled into the customer management system, such as WeChat group and QQ group, to facilitate secondary sales. 2. Inculcate corporate culture, inculcate corporate culture for every customer, and integrate our culture into his life. 3. Launch price promotion activities or creative activities from time to time to stimulate consumption, understand the current situation of target customers, maximize word-of-mouth publicity, and realize the transformation from sales promotion to marketing.
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