How to use the off-season after the peak of amusement park operation to improve profits, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-12
As a person in the industry, everyone knows that children's parks will face unpredictable and unknown business peaks in the course of operation. During this period, the flow of people in the store has increased significantly, and sales have also increased. However, after the peak period, the majority of operators will also face many problems, do you know how to solve it? Below, SKP company amusement analyzes for you. First of all, it is obvious that after the overload operation of children's amusement equipment during the peak period, wear, dust, static electricity and overheating of vulnerable parts will damage some fragile electronic components, thus causing the operation efficiency of the whole equipment to decline, therefore, it is necessary to promptly investigate and repair to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent chain reactions and cause greater losses. In addition, in terms of personnel, employees in various positions, especially some new employees, are pulled up and tightened like bows during the whole peak period, resulting in excessive tension and fatigue due to work, once slack strikes, service awareness and quality will decline to varying degrees during the off-season, affecting the reputation and benefits of the store, and even leading to some unnecessary negative emotions and backlogs. Therefore, as the operator of the children's paradise, we need to plan ahead or make up for it. In the off-season after the peak period, it is necessary to comprehensively strengthen the staff's job skills training, correct the staff's service mentality, improve the staff's service awareness, and check and rest the store hardware and safety factors, in order to summarize and improve, to meet the next peak of business.
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