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by:SKP     2020-02-24
The new robot pedal car is very popular with children. The robot pedal car in the Park community playground is a tool for you to make money. The Robot Pedal Car is a kind of walking amusement equipment for people to ride, put on beautiful clothes for the robot, and use the storage battery as energy to charge the robot for more than 4 hours of continuous walking. The robot has the same riding and walking shape as a real person. Depending on the model, the load is 100---Between 150. The plush can be replaced, the robot can turn freely, and the steering is operated by the steering wheel, which is simple, light, safe and comfortable. The third-generation robot pedal car uses a 250W motor and is equipped with two 12V20A batteries to simulate animal shapes and various lovely shapes, giving children more choices. The shape of the baffle, for the safety of the child, the safety baffle is added in front of the pedal, which guarantees the safety of the child. The steering rod and steering wheel bearing are more fixed and reasonable. The brake is changed to an electronic brake, and the brake function is safer. One of them is the throttle and the other is the brake. The life of brushless motor is generally 5-8 years. The backrest and seat plate are made of PVC environmentally friendly materials, which is safer.
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