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by:SKP     2020-01-29
The playground is most afraid of a safety accident, and the business is better. Once an accident occurs, the bosses may return to Liberation overnight. So how to avoid safety accidents? As a well-known domestic amusement equipment manufacturer, Guangzhou SKP company Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. reminds the vast number of operating units to remind the amusement equipment before operation and use, based on years of production and maintenance experience, we must strictly follow the safety management requirements of amusement equipment, so as to effectively identify and extract hidden danger information, predict and warn in advance, and take timely and targeted preventive measures, reduce the occurrence of injury accidents. The management requirements before the operation of amusement equipment are as follows: 1. Carefully check all kinds of information in the operation record form of the day before yesterday, and know whether the operation of the equipment on the day before yesterday is normal. If abnormal records of the equipment and facilities on the day before yesterday are found, should promptly confirm the rectification with the foreman and maintenance. 2. Place the equipment opening time card at the entrance of the equipment. If the equipment is suspended due to monthly inspection, weekly inspection, bad weather or sudden failure, the notice card shall be replaced in time. 3. On the same day, the equipment operation personnel will enter each operation position 5 minutes before the equipment is opened, maintain the standby posture, and prepare for the passengers. The staff has entered the Operation position in advance and the tourists are waiting in line. 4. Before operation, operators and service personnel shall give safety tips (Storage Tips for items with storage requirements) Explain safety precautions and operation guidelines to passengers. When the passengers operate by themselves, introduce the rules of amusement activities to the passengers, guide the passengers to use the amusement facilities correctly, and master the safety essentials of amusement activities; The safety explanation and training for foreign tourists should use foreign languages and be expressed in pictures and texts. 5, it is strictly prohibited to overload or partial load of amusement facilities (Limited by partial load) Operation, service personnel should reasonably arrange passenger seat distribution to avoid partial load. 6. Before each operation, the service personnel shall check and confirm the safety devices such as safety pressure bar, safety belt and Cockpit Locking device one by one, and give the operator a gesture to turn on the machine after confirming that it is correct. Note: when the inspection finds that the safety pressure bar has an empty stroke, the seat belt is damaged (The buckle is not firm) , The locking device fails, or other safety device has a problem seat (Cockpit)Passengers are not allowed to take passengers without repair.
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