In the purchase of children's pirate ship amusement equipment should be objective judgment- Guangzhou Smart Playground

by:SKP     2020-01-23
The childhood is the basic stage of life, from the fetus, newborn, infant, preschool children to teenagers are in the process of continuous growth and development. Its dynamic characteristics are different from those of adults, and there are also great differences among different ages. The demand is consistent with the nature of the study of children's intellectual development and physical development to choose suitable children's play equipment. From birth to 1 year old, it is Infancy. The psychological characteristics of this era are that the growth and development period is faster than that of each era, the nerve development is also very fast, the immunity is weak, and it is prone to influencing diseases. Optional soft-filled children's play equipment, rattle, squeeze sounding toys, etc. One to three years old are early childhood. The psychological characteristics of this era are that the physical growth rate is slower than that of infancy, the speech and behavior abilities are obviously increased, and they can crawl, however, there is no sense of safety and self-protection, and it is easy to sell and sell. Children's amusement equipment such as balls, sloppy toys, building blocks, toy houses, toy cars, jigsaw puzzles, beach toys, etc. can be purchased; 4 to 6 years old are pre-school years old. In this era, the physical development of young children continues to increase, and there are still mild hands and feet that are not sensitive, and there are characteristics such as careless and unclear. Tricycles and toys such as helmets, bicycles, jigsaw puzzles, dolls and clothing, story books, play scenes with characters and jewelry can be purchased. 6 to 9 years old are school-age children, like to play games with craftsmanship and intelligence. You can choose kites, bicycles and helmets, skates and Guardian products, handicraft products, dolls, puppets and toy products such as playing clowns, activity equipment, jigsaw puzzles and chess. Look at the practical age line. The usual toy will indicate the practical age limit of the toy in the application instructions, and can be purchased according to the age of the child. This emphasis has two meanings: first, the amusement equipment for young children is designed for young children of this age; Second, it is dangerous for young children who are not at this age to use the product. Look at the Peace warning. Some dangerous manufacturers implied by toys will be prompted by warnings. If the package is open, please place the plastic bag immediately. Non-life-saving supplies can only be used in shallow water and is not practical for children under 3 years old. When purchasing and using toys, you must carefully read the warnings to prevent the danger of misuse of toys. For more information, pay attention to Qiyuan art public number
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