Instructions for use and maintenance of robot pedaling, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-16
I. Characteristics of SKP company's robot pedal car the robot pedal car produced by our factory is a kind of plush replaceable walking amusement equipment that can be used by two people. It puts on beautiful clothes for the robot and uses storage battery as energy, the robot can walk continuously for more than 4 hours after charging once, and the robot's riding and walking style and appearance are the same as those of a real person. The robot bicycle adopts 12 v dc geared motor; It also has the functions of fast and slow gear, reversing, music, etc; Configure MP3 intelligent controller, with functions of timing, speed regulation, music, digital display, etc; The tire is a high-efficiency, high-pressure wear-resistant pneumatic tire; The chassis is of standard square steel structure. According to different models, the load is 100---Between 150. Second, robot specifications and configuration robot pedal specifications: 150*85 * robot pedal matching settings: A battery, a 12v intelligent charger, a plush, a car 3. Product use and installation method 1. Check accessories: After opening the package, please follow the instructions, check whether the spare parts of the car are complete. If you have any questions, please call the company at 0371- 558163772. Instructions for the use of the battery: most of the batteries on the robot pedal are water batteries. After receiving the goods, electrolyte (18% dilute sulfuric acid) Can be used, the electrolyte must be added to the stock solution, the manufacturer is not equipped with electrolyte, because the sulfuric acid is corrosive and cannot be shipped, so you need to buy it at the local hardware store or repair the car. 3. Plush installation: screw a 12*600 long screw rod on the screw in the middle of the robot, insert the plush on the screw rod, cover it, and insert the handlebar on the shaft in the middle of the front wheel. 4. Carport installation: insert two long steel pipes into the pipe behind the car seat, press the shed, put on the tarpaulin, and fix the carport. 5. After the new battery is added with electrolyte, there will be a certain amount of electricity storage. You can test the seat first, put the battery under the seat, add the battery clip, red, black and negative. 6. Test run: After putting on the battery, start the car with the starting key. At this moment, the concert will ring, sit firmly and hold on, step on the accelerator, and the car will be able to walk. 7. Battery charging: turn on the nut for adding liquid to the battery when charging, and then charge 8- After 12 hours, continuous bubbles in the battery liquid came out to prove that the electricity was fully charged. Four, common troubleshooting 1, insert the key does not start (No music, the car does not go) : Check the starting Key and Key base, the cable behind the music box, if there is no problem, please change the music box. 2, there is music but the car does not go: check the foot throttle or relay, the cable behind the music box, if there is no problem, please change the music box. 3. The timing of the car is not allowed: Please change the music box. 4. The car plug-in key is normal after starting, and the power is cut off when stepping on the accelerator: The battery has no electricity. If the battery has electricity, please change the music box. 5. The car can run normally, but there is no music: Check whether the horn is working normally. If it is normal, please check the cable behind the music box or replace the music box. 6, the car off the chain: check the motor chain tightness, tooth plate fixed is normal, adjust the position of the motor.
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