Interactive children's play equipment- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-25
The emergence of indoor children's naughty Fort broke the embarrassing situation that parents wanted to take outdoor large amusement parks to play, but they could not help but delay due to meteorological reasons. Trampoline, children's amusement equipment and interactive projection trampoline, which are deeply loved by children, cut down the most popular items of children's naughty Fort: Slides, sand pools, ball pools, trampoline and other games, and add interactive projection games, inject interactive technology games into the traditional naughty Castle game, greatly increasing the playability and highlights of children's paradise! Among them, the interactive trampoline is centered on the focus of the Wisdom Cube interactive technology, and combines the mature three-dimensional game engine. When the children bounce from the trampoline, you can or step on Monsters, planes, balls and other objects in fictional games. It is also possible for many people to play all the way, the interaction between children and children, and the cooperation with children, one after another, as if to propose a rotation battle to the fictional space, working together to attack the enemy's state of mind, narrowing the inner gap between parents and children, indulging in bouncing, comfortable interaction and happy superposition! During the game, the interactive trampoline only needs to bounce the body to directly intervene in the projection game. For example, crazy stepping on the little monster, the trampoline game scene will present all kinds of different monsters, in the process of jumping and jumping, the children use the monster as the foothold, and the monster can be eliminated by stepping on the monster. The interactive trampoline is willing to trigger the children to actively enter the game.
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