Introduction to investment in large-scale amusement equipment, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-22
The introduction of the funds needed to invest in large-scale amusement equipment in the early and late stages is that an excellent large-scale amusement equipment can often bring us very high economic benefits because of its better interest. However, when we operate large-scale amusement equipment, we also need to invest a lot of money. Preparing the funds needed to operate large-scale amusement equipment can enable us to operate better. Below, let Xiaobian introduce to you the relevant introduction of the funds needed to invest in the early and late stages of investing in large-scale amusement equipment: 1. The funds invested in the early stage are: site rent, simple decoration expenses, expenses required for purchasing large amusement equipment, advertising investment before opening, expenses such as handling tickets and membership cards, and expenses for handling business licenses and related business procedures. 2. The funds invested in the later period include: the sanitation and cleaning expenses of large-scale amusement equipment at ordinary times. If the scale is small, you can clean it yourself and find a person to clean it once a week or regularly. The usual equipment maintenance costs, the general supplier will provide a certain period of free maintenance costs, pay attention to sign the purchase and service contract when purchasing, otherwise the manufacturer does not recognize the account and there is no way. With the improvement of operation, the increased cost of new equipment in the later period will be continuously updated. If there is no freshness, the passenger flow will be less and less. As well as water and electricity, fire fighting, equipment maintenance and so on, if the funds are sufficient, cameras can be installed in the field, which is convenient for management and can effectively prevent theft. When we operate large-scale amusement equipment, we must prepare sufficient funds so that we can operate large-scale amusement equipment more properly and safely.
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