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by:SKP     2020-03-09
At present, indoor amusement parks have become standard in large shopping malls, and small business supermarkets have also launched small amusement parks in naughty castles as long as their location and area permit, it can also attract parents to drive the consumption of catering and other retail goods, and the market potential is huge. 1. Make full use of non-holiday time. The top floor of a large shopping mall is an indoor playground. One is not a weekend and close to noon, more than 60 rides are not idle. Zhang, who was in the third year of school, and three other students, each spent 15 yuan to play the flying chair in the air, only 3 minutes from take-off to landing. Another rotating small amusement project can aim at the small animals in the center with a water gun. Many preschool children have a good time. Of the 16-seat project, only a few are empty. One of the parents who accompanied the game said that they would spend a lot of money, a few tens of dollars, and more than 100 yuan. Speaking of the profitability of various amusement projects, the staff implicitly said: the benefits of amusement parks have been good in recent years, and the elimination rate of cooperative merchants is relatively low. We are still studying, can we expand the business area of the playground. At the same time, China amusement equipment network learned that there are also merchants to expand their ideas and extend the theme of amusement facilities to the theme of water park. 2, reasonable investment, do a good job of risk control. Mr. Zhang, who runs a rock climbing project in a shopping mall, does not shy away from investing in a number of rides here. The reason for the multiple investments is of course a considerable profit. The choice of his amusement projects is mainly for children of older age, such as rock climbing and bumper cars. Mr. Zhang said that the amusement projects in the big shopping malls are almost drought and flood protection: the parents of junior high school students often give money, and the children can be free to control. 3, close to the amusement project, small business can also borrow light. In fact, the reason behind the merchants' wrestling indoor playgrounds is to drive the surrounding economy. Ms. Li has a snack booth near the indoor recreation area of a shopping mall. She revealed that the stall is a contracted shopping mall with a monthly rent of 5500 yuan, and all expenses add up to 1. 20 thousand yuan ~ 1. RMB 30 thousand. In this way, at least 400 yuan will be sold every day to close the cost. But Ms. Li said that most of the more than 20 booths around them make money. Especially on weekends and winter and summer vacations, it is the most profitable time. The turnover of summer vacation is at least five times or more than that of normal months. 4. It is very important to invest in playground venues. The investment in large outdoor playgrounds is often tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of yuan, and individual investors are very limited. Before personal investment, one must visit more amusement parks with relatively successful operation, then draw up one's own site area, customer base and theme of amusement parks, and then look for manufacturers. It is very important to choose the right venue, which is the premise of making money in the future. When choosing a venue, investors should know the area and floor plan of the venue before they can find the best location to ensure passenger flow. 5. The playground has a mystery on the top floor. If we look closely, it is not difficult to find that almost every indoor playground is on the top floor of the mall. What is the doorway? Because most of the current families are a child, they need three generations to play. To attract a large family to the highest level, it is necessary to pass through the women's consumption area, the men's consumption area, and the children's consumption area. This is equivalent to the opportunity for three generations to visit the entire mall. 6. The huge benefits of accidental consumption. The reason why merchants who have the conditions to do indoor amusement parks make great efforts to do this project is not only because of the direct benefits brought by the project itself, but also because of the huge economic benefits hidden behind the amusement parks, that is the resulting accidental consumption. The pulling effect of indoor amusement parks on passenger flow is often that one child takes three generations, and one child plays to drive the whole family to accompany them to satisfy the random purchase desire of these customers. Shopping malls can also produce huge economic benefits. From a consumer demand as the center to drive the growth of the surrounding consumption, this is the real reason for the mall to wrestle the indoor playground.
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