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by:SKP     2020-02-22
Square amusement is the world of children's bumper cars, with flexible operation, small investment and fast money. Many operators are optimistic about this project, and the styles are also varied. It is updated every year. It can be said that you are singing and I am on the stage. This year, those styles will be popular, which is a concern of many operators.     Yesterday, An Wei Hefei customer just received the bumper car and placed it on the square. Although the weather is still a little cold, it is seven or eight degrees at night, and most of the children are watching TV at home. The passing children saw the glorious bumper car and could not control themselves. Not to play, a total of more than two hours of operation, there are more than 20 children to play. The customer calculated by himself that although he did not earn too much money on the first day, he was still very confident in the business. Because first, the weather is still cold, and second, the children have not had a holiday. He is full of expectations for the upcoming Ching Ming Festival holiday. I believe we have our products and our customers are operating with heart. Making money is definitely not a problem.     The customers who have received the goods in the past week have already started to put them on the square. The wheels are turned into money, five minutes and five minutes, and ten minutes. For the little baby at home, this money is nothing at all, as long as the baby likes it. Since customers order new bumper cars, they are very popular with children.     The ground Net bumper cars produced by Guangzhou Haibei amusement equipment factory all adopt a rear-drive working structure, which can protect the motor from power failure for a short time during suspension and put into work quickly. The FRP used in the shell of the bumper car is produced by ourselves. It is strictly controlled and adopts a constant temperature sealed car paint process. The bumper car produced is bright in appearance, durable, and not easy to fade and paint. The factory has a large exhibition hall with more than 1000 square meters of equipment. Samples of various equipment are placed in stock. You are welcome to visit our factory for inspection and test drive.
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