Is naughty Castle in the mall -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-20
Now the naughty Castle is increasingly making the experience and interaction between parents and children to the extreme, becoming more and more large-scale and scene-based, striving to truly release children's nature and let parents participate happily, make the naughty Castle a standard for shopping malls. The rapid development of naughty Fort is mainly to form a multi-customer layer of consumption and to stimulate circular consumption. Parent-child interactive paradise can promote the feelings of parents and children. Generally, parents are shopping while playing with their children, so the mall has become the best choice for parents. The opening of naughty Castle in shopping malls can not only increase popularity, but also bring continuous sticky consumption to shopping centers and drive consumption in other industries. In the shopping mall planning, the children's theme area is set as its standard, and the combined customer group is bound to bring the combination demand of diversified formats.
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