Is the appearance design of amusement equipment important? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-12
There are more and more amusement equipment in the market, so what kind of products are more popular in the market? When manufacturers are producing and designing amusement equipment, they want to make their products more popular in the market and have higher recognition, so it is very important to attach importance to the color matching of appearance and brightness. From the design of amusement equipment, small amusement equipment is extremely sensitive and concerned about the color of amusement equipment. Attention should be paid to the selection and matching of colors in different types of amusement equipment. On the basis of assisting the new amusement equipment to improve its amusement function, color can play a role in many aspects such as improving children's fun of playing, stimulating children's imagination, improving children's cognitive level and so on, so as to achieve the purpose of combining education with pleasure. Thirdly, from the perspective of amusement equipment modeling, it is not difficult to find in the current design that the modeling that follows the market trend is more favored by children; According to the latest styles on the market, combined with the real life scenes or the facilities of the props, the amusement equipment is not loved by children, it only reflects the assumptions and misunderstandings of adults on children's facilities. Secondly, from the scale design of amusement equipment, amusement equipment should conform to children's own scale, which has always been paid attention to and constantly put forward by designers. The ergonomic scale data of different children's ages can also be found, but the new amusement equipment actually completed often still has the scale of facilities that are not suitable for children to play in one way or another.
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