Is the more expensive the inflatable castle, the better? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-16
First, the product shape of the same size inflatable castle, the shape is different, the corresponding price will be different. If the shape is complex, the corresponding design and production costs will increase accordingly. Generally, the shape of the castle is designed after various considerations in the market to ensure that the redundant design is reduced on the basis of novelty, good-looking and fun, ensure product cost performance. Second, the product process inflatable castle involves inkjet, sewing, heat sealing, liquid film and other production processes. Each production process will affect the price of the product. Such as the Castle inkjet, if the castle inkjet area is too large, the cost of the inflatable castle will increase and the price will increase. Third, the product material inflatable castle product material is generally used 0. 45mm or 0. Plato cloth with a thickness of 48mm. In order to pursue brightness, good-looking, the base pursues elasticity and wear resistance. Inflatable castles will use different thicknesses of fabrics according to different parts of the castle. On the basis of ensuring the elasticity of the castle, the castle will be guaranteed to have wear resistance, good shape, bright colors, durability and exposure resistance. Fourth, product accessories children's inflatable castle needs to be used together with the fan, the area is different, the number of fans is also different. Generally, the larger the area, the more fans you need to match, and the more expensive the price.
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