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by:SKP     2020-02-07
The practice of couples flying on the cloud is an inspiration to nearby music lovers. Because this place is the junction of Wuji and Jinzhou, in addition to the villagers in Wuji county, many villagers in guanqia village of Jinzhou often come to play. The net red bridge is really worthy of the name, and all the people who walked into the eyes are all people. Although there are a lot of people, they are all here. You can't just look at it. You can't stand your heart and you can't stand it. You take a step on the Net red bridge. Under the bridge is a pool of water that has not crossed your knees, if you are not careful, you will fall into it and become a drowned rat, haha. The scenery has become beautiful, and there are more people watching the water in the eight villages. On a summer day, my heart flies on the cloud (Net name)The couple made their first live broadcast at the bridge. Beach, Bridge, running water . . . . . . The background is open and beautiful, much better than doing live broadcast at home! Be able to explain the situation of the phenomenon and form a good interaction. At the same time, the swing bridge also needs 'support'. At the beginning of the project, it needs to 'support' tourists who are willing to go to the swing bridge from the tourists, when the transfer is successful, a virtuous circle is formed. In the past few days, the 'net Red Bridge' on the TikTok has detonated the whole country. Under the accompaniment of passionate music, it is swaying and swaying, playing with him, playing with his heartbeat! Now the pressure of life and work is too great. Everyone wants to roar to the sky and the Earth and throw out the pressure in their hearts. On the bridge, you are like returning to your childhood, you can enjoy your freedom. In the case of tourists gathering, the realization of the consumption of tourists' time and the improvement of satisfaction are conducive to the indirect elimination of scenic spots and the revisit of scenic spots. The third function of the swing bridge is actually in marketing. The swing bridge can create topics and detonate marketing. Take Ruzhou shuoping Huahai as an example. Ruzhou Huahai has Huahai, glass covered bridge and swinging bridge. It is its swinging bridge that finally realizes the detonation effect. After the long-term operation and management of the net Red Bridge, the phenomenon of the deck paint falling off often occurs. For this situation, but you can't see every corner of the world, nowadays, with the handy shooting function of smart phones, it is not a problem for us to see anywhere. One thing has become a cyber celebrity because it instantly hits the pain points, tears and Love points of countless netizens, what point did this net red bridge hit us? The team can carry out professional maintenance work to solve the problem. However, when painting, the swing bridge is a water project. It should be noted that the cold and hot swing bridge is a water project. Water projects also have their seasonality in different regions. It is necessary to pay attention to the seasonal problems of swing bridges and make corresponding adjustments and changes. An Xin Le you le provides some small suggestions for everyone, which can make the effect more satisfactory. Visitors can swing from side to side with everyone, and they can release themselves as much as they like. Just like children, playing games is simple but full of fun, and everyone can participate. The net red bridge is different from the Shaoguan project in TV. It is not so complicated, it is simple, as long as the participants can stabilize themselves in this swaying, although it is simple, but there are very few things that can be done: 18937803869
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