Is the quality of the inflatable sand pool in the square good? Xiaobian tells you, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-01
Inflatable sand pools of various sizes are professionally customized. There is also a spot for the urgent boss! Welcome to contact Xiao Yang 18937803869 and add the characteristics of my WeChat inflatable sand pool: 1. Inflatable sand pool has the characteristics of high abrasion resistance, good tear resistance, good air tightness, high strength, durability, convenient maintenance, etc. 2. It is simple and convenient to use, disassemble and assemble, clean and sanitary, and easy to maintain. 3. The size and shape can be flexibly customized according to the needs. Installation and use methods: 1. Find an open and horizontal ground and remove sharp objects: such as broken glass, pebbles, etc. , spread out the pool and arrange it smoothly, and inflate the sand pool with an air pump according to the inflation instructions. The inflation force is moderate and should not be too full, which can effectively avoid the burst phenomenon caused by inflation and ensure that the product is used under the best pressure. Early (Late) When there is a large temperature difference with noon, etc. , attention should be paid to deflation or air supply in time to prevent excessive air pressure from damaging the product. Maintenance Instructions 1. Remove the toys from the sand pool, and then release the gas from the edge air chamber for cleaning. 2. Cut the patch. ( The patch should be cut to 3 times the size of the patch area, preferably round or oval. )3, first apply the primer treatment. ( Wipe the areas and patches that need to be repaired clean, evenly apply special glue, then use a hair dryer to blow to non-stick hands, and air dry naturally. )4, make up the glue treatment. ( Apply the repaired area and patch that have just been dried evenly to the special glue again, and handle it as above until it is not sticky. )5, sticky and. ( Align the patch with the patch area, slowly attach it from one direction, be careful not to generate bubbles, and then press it flat by hand. )6. Press firmly. ( After sticking, put it on a flat hard object, and add a flat hard object to it for 24 hours before use.
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