Just find a bumper car for ice and land to come to SKP company, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-23
Everyone with childlike innocence will like it, so bumper cars on ice are definitely your 'dish'. This activity is suitable for all ages, and children are even more obsessed with this activity, whether you are a child who has not played enough bumper cars or an adult who misses his childhood, playing with bumper cars on ice is suitable for all ages and brings joy! That is absolutely endless joy. The ice bumper car is a bumper car that can be played on both ice and land. The investment cost of the ice bumper car is low, and the ice bumper car has better game experience and higher safety, while letting tourists have fun and rest assured, it also allows investors investing in ice bumper car projects to gain more profit margins. Our advantage 1: Our company has been specializing in the production of bumper cars for 12 years, and our products have been exported to 26 countries and regions around the world. Many products have eu ce certification, patent certificates and Guangzhou provincial quality inspection reports, and it has strict product quality management system and perfect after-sales service. Advantage 2: Our bumper car is made of square steel, 2 thick, thicker than other manufacturers, other manufacturers use 1. 5 thick ones. The steering wheel is 3 thick. The anti-collision force is relatively strong. Empty cars without batteries are heavier than other manufacturers because square steel is thicker. The driving wheel steel plate is 5 thick and durable. The chassis steel frame is painted with silver powder paint, which is clean, not easy to drop paint, rust-proof, and the cost of silver powder paint is 3 times higher than that of ordinary paint. Advantage 3: The accessories on the bumper car are specially customized high-quality accessories, and all accessories have national ccc quality certification. Bumper cars, we only produce good quality.
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