Key points of planning and design for children's playground- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-24
The planning and design of children's playground is very important. This planning includes not only the installation of children's playground equipment, but also other supporting facilities in the park, such as vegetation, roads and other infrastructure, good planning will make people who come to play feel relaxed and comfortable, thus improving children's physical fitness and bringing happiness. So how should we plan? For vegetation planting, we should not only consider that plants are important landscape elements, but also realize that plants have certain play value for children. Compared with adults, children prefer plants, not just watching. Therefore, children's amusement equipment has certain particularity in the selection of plants, which should be dominated by trees for dense shade; A small number of shrubs, using non-toxic and non-toxic species; The lawn should choose the type of resistance. It is also possible to build some supporting areas based on vegetation, such as setting hammocks and swings in the middle of tall trees, and setting camping grounds on the lawn. Amusement equipment. All equipment should focus on safety, cultivate and exercise children's physique and take risks. Choose manufacturers with production qualifications, the quality of playground equipment must be good, easy to maintain and repair. Road and site paving. The road leading to the children's activity site and the road inside the children's play equipment should be smooth and non-slip, and the road leading to the children's activity site should be convenient for the stroller to pass, and there should be a hard floor in the children's activity area, for children to play with cars, ride three rounds, etc. Maintenance devices should be used under all extended amusement equipment (Such as sand, injection rubber, rubber pad, etc)To reduce the damage of falling from the device. Terrain. The changing terrain can make children roll, climb, slide and hide on it, which surprises them. Therefore, the existing terrain with changing elevation can be applied and enhanced in the design, or artificially forming undulating terrain. If the slope has a sudden change, you can think about the application of terrain design slides. The flat air can be used for sports venues. Children are better than adults in the flat and open air, so that they can jump on the House and chase each other.
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