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by:SKP     2020-03-13
The reason why large amusement equipment can bring great interest to children is: Guangzhou SKP company amusement Time: 2016-05- 12 14: 23 visits: 489 as a recreation equipment that can bring great fun to children, large amusement equipment has many characteristics. Next, let's introduce the reasons why large-scale amusement equipment can bring extremely strong interest to children: first, the importance of product innovation, in recent years, there are not many innovations in equipment introduced by various large amusement equipment manufacturers. In the eyes of customers at trade fairs, they are used to the old images, therefore, when you see some new large-scale amusement equipment, your eyes shine, especially when the equipment is running, its way of playing attracts everyone. This proves that the market is in great need of new large amusement equipment. Second, the importance of the decorative effect of large-scale amusement equipment, the appearance of large-scale amusement equipment has a large number of painted glass fiber reinforced plastic packaging is in line with the current requirements for the aesthetic appearance of the equipment. There are several three-dimensional glass fiber reinforced plastic volcanic shapes inside the equipment, and the peripheral glass fiber reinforced plastic shape echoes the internal volcanic shape, which highlights the effect of the equipment's three-dimensional spray ball, this is a design method using three-dimensional packaging. Beautiful things can always attract tourists' eyes at once. Third, the combination of dynamic and participatory, several craters in the large-scale amusement equipment automatically ejected a lot of small balls at the same time when the equipment was started, and the equipment's own dynamic music was matched, at this time, the children will come to see what this is, which stimulates their desire to explore. At the same time, it breaks the single-ride play mode of general track amusement equipment, it can not only travel along the track in a small car, but also use the ball to copy the ball at the same time. It can also play with the net and catch the ball by hand. While many small balls are ejected, children's hand-eye coordination ability is exercised. When the ball falls, the ball is caught. Even adults are happy to catch the ball. The process of playing is full of laughter. Fourth, the importance of lighting beautification, in addition, the appearance of large amusement equipment is also equipped with a lot of lanterns, not only has a beautiful effect, another more important function is that when customers operate indoors and at night, they have beautiful light sources to attract a large number of tourists to play. It is precisely because of the above reasons that large-scale amusement equipment can be welcomed by children as extremely interesting amusement equipment. Related links: inflatable battery car Robot Pedal Car electric plush car bumper car rotating plane
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