Large Inflatable amusement fun game props, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-13
1. The company's inflatable products use professional PVC clip mesh fabric, 0. 65mm first-class thickening, green, beautiful and durable. 2. The products can be customized according to the patterns provided by customers. Our factory has experienced design team and senior production Masters, which are made by double needle and thread technology. The products are of fine workmanship and novel design. 3. When shipping, we will be equipped with PVC material and glue as the repair material for the product, and equipped with a fan with sufficient horsepower. 4. The service life of the product is eight to 100,000 person-times, and glue and cloth for maintenance are provided free of charge for life. Guangzhou Haibei Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in the development, production and sales of children's amusement equipment, large inflatable toys, water leisure sports products, inflatable advertising media and happy rushing equipment, the main products are: Inflatable Castle, large inflatable castle, children's inflatable castle, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable trampoline, inflatable castle slide, inflatable pool, children's Cassia beach toys, water amusement equipment and other inflatable equipment. 'Science and technology are people-oriented, and innovation leads the market' is the consistent goal pursued by Haibei amusement park. 'creating safe amusement park and making reputation amusement park' is the constant business philosophy of Haibei amusement park, new children's happy world created by new concepts! Children's playground in sync with the world! Haibei amusement heightens or adds net to the guardrail on the basis of the original inflatable equipment, making the players safer and making the customers more assured! Introduce Europe and America. Japanese and new design concepts, while incorporating many elements that are more in line with the characteristics of Chinese children, are created, it is an interactive amusement combination that truly integrates science, intelligence, entertainment and education. With our rich design experience, we not only carefully select safe and comfortable materials for children, but also provide them with colorful games full of novelty.
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