Large Inflatable Castle manufacturers are playing in Guangzhou Hebei, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-13
Our production and sales as a whole, production equipment is complete and advanced, strong technical force, has a professional technical team, sales elite, production backbone, nearly 6000 m² square meters of production plant. We have made unremitting efforts for many years and the scale of production has grown day by day. The company has passed eu ce certification, UL certification, SGS certification and ROHS certification. Our products have been welcomed by our customers with excellent quality, reasonable price and good reputation. Our products are exported to all parts of the country and exported to South Korea, Japan, Russia and other countries. In recent years, our water walking balls, water rollers, inflatable pools, water park series, inflatable castles, etc. have become sales hotspots. Inflatable toys have a variety of ways to play, such as touching, climbing, rolling, playing, climbing, sliding, shaking, drilling, etc, it has created good Operating income for customers. Warmly welcome you to our factory to visit and guide, let us work together to develop, mutual benefit, create brilliant tomorrow! Our factory is willing to work together with you at the lowest price, first-class products, first-class quality and first-class service! The deposit made is 30% of the total price of the product, and the balance will be paid after the customer has fully confirmed the product picture. Product Service life: Generally speaking, a piece of equipment can be used by more than 100,000 people for more than five years. If you pay attention to the use environment and implement normal operation and equipment maintenance, you can extend the service life. Raw materials for products: Our company's inflatable products are made of new PVC environment-friendly materials. The clip net in the material is a high-strength polyester warp knitted fabric, and high-quality PVC is applied to both sides of the clip net by scraping. This kind of material is currently widely used in the world. This product supports size customization. If there is any style that needs improvement, please be sure to provide relevant pictures. If you have any questions, please leave a message in this product, or contact me through the above contact information, and discuss the time in detail. The transportation mode of this product is logistics delivery or bus delivery, which can save the buyer's transportation cost and time. The product specifications customized by each customer are different and the distance is different, so the freight shown in the product is fuzzy. The product price does not include freight. Buyer's note: The product is sewn by a high-speed industrial sewing machine, not a sealed product. It needs a pinhole to keep the air from running the air fan without interruption to achieve the bouncing effect. Therefore, the product leaks air, don't worry about running gas. It's normal. Due to the large specifications and pure manual production of such products, the actual product style after processing may be slightly different from that, which is normal. Not within the scope of seller default! ! ! Glue and corner materials for maintenance will be provided free of charge within three years. Our after-sales service personnel will solve difficult problems for you in time. After receiving customer information, if the customer is given a handling opinion or technical guidance immediately and cannot be handled immediately, the customer will be contacted within 24 hours and handling opinions will be put forward according to the actual situation. Guangzhou SKP company Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that independently designs, develops and produces large-scale inflatable toys, bracket pools, inflatable pools, pools, mobile water parks and water leisure products, the company is committed to providing customers with professional one-stop services such as design, planning, production, operation and service of water parks, swimming facilities and preparation projects. The company has strong production strength and is one of the largest manufacturers in the same industry in China. The quality of the products meets or even exceeds the industry standards. The company's mobile water park products integrate entertainment and easy disassembly, allowing customers to make one-time investment and sustained returns. The company integrates many popular elements of amusement with domestic trends, and its products are exported to Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions. The company is market-oriented, talent-oriented, development-oriented, quality-guaranteed, service-oriented, and customer satisfaction and trust as our goal. The company has a perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service system, which requires market from quality and benefits from management. Use quality and service to develop and innovate, work hand in hand with customers, and develop together! 1. About customization: The product supports size customization or OEM. If you need to modify the style, please provide relevant pictures and sizes. If you need to print logo, please contact customer service, provide the required files. Please negotiate with customer service for details such as style, quantity, delivery date and transportation before placing an order. It should not be changed after placing an order. 2. Quotation: Please provide detailed product parameters and detailed pictures for inquiry. It is better to provide us with real samples so as to facilitate quotation and goods making and avoid causing trouble to both parties due to wrong valuation. 3, on the color difference: all product color and physical color may have a slight color difference, the color difference problem is not a product quality problem. 4. About delivery: we will deliver the goods within the agreed time. Please understand that due to unexpected circumstances, please arrange the time in advance to avoid unnecessary losses. 5, on the logistics: generally take the freight, we will ship the goods to your city pick-up point, if you have special requirements, please inform in advance, please understand the delay caused by logistics problems. 6. Proofing: proofing usually takes three days. Different proofing fees will be charged depending on the situation. The proofing fee will be returned according to the order amount. Postage will be paid for sending samples. 7, on the Transportation: you can choose to pick up the door or by the seller to transport (Express, logistics, international freight, etc) The freight incurred shall be paid by the buyer, and the specific amount shall be subject to the bill of lading issued by the transportation company. 8, on the invoice: product price is factory direct naked price, can issue a receipt, if you want to invoice another
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