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by:SKP     2020-01-25
The special 'Lego' building Chuon Chuon Kim 2' s kindergarten building project is located in Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh City, District 2)The area is about 400 m² square meters. From the perspective of excellent scenery, the kindergarten starts from the garden on the first floor, and the space forms a circle, forming a continuous view, which can be seen from both the outside and the outside. With the continuous upward movement of people, the vision reaches the open roof garden from the closed internal space, and can experience and explore the long and flowing Saigon River here. . The natural architectural color looks like a large Lego building. The whole wall is made of completely exposed bricks with patterns and openings, conveying a unique aesthetic experience. The outer wall of the kindergarten was not painted in other colors, but the primary colors of the red bricks were maintained, which complemented the green trees around. Let light and wind play with children the red brick wall of the kindergarten is not completely closed, and the small opening left on the wall is conducive to the natural ventilation of the building. Let the children enjoy the feeling of the breeze in the room, and the building is no longer a barrier between children and nature. In addition, when the weather is clear, the openings on the wall will cast large and small light spots on the indoor ground, and the children are like walking in the light and shadow corridor. With the rotation of the Earth, the position, shape and size of the light spots show different states. Children read the changes of nature and time here. At the end of the light and shadow corridor is a sunny roof garden. The process of children crossing here seems to be a novel and interesting exploration game, under the guidance of mottled light and shadow, to find a brighter exit. Bright and quiet indoor environment although the overall area of the kindergarten is not very large, the designer still divides it into several functional areas, neat and complete. The children's classrooms still use log furniture, wood floors, wooden cabinets, and huge floor-to-ceiling windows that can be freely viewed, which shortens the distance between children and the outdoors. In addition to this, the interior wall is painted with bright and bright yellow and orange, which is very different from the red brick color of the exterior wall, giving the child a relaxed and lively atmosphere. The kindergarten does not waste every corner. The glass wall and guardrail specially used in the corridor create a safe and open-minded play area for children. Because each of its functional areas is not on the same plane, the constantly changing and tailor-made areas stimulate children's desire to explore, and children are free to run, explore and discover in kindergartens. The most special thing about the pleasant working environment for teachers is that the design of this kindergarten fully takes into account the aesthetic appreciation of teachers, which is not a kindergarten that only considers children in a consistent sense. As a kindergarten, the design is more inclined to attract and stimulate more meaningful communication and interaction between children and adults. The design team has participated in the construction of many educational projects before, so it is more important to realize that the design of kindergartens not only starts from the perspective of children, but also stimulates the pride and interest of teachers and employees. The designer has set up a relatively open architectural space in the campus, which enables people of all ages to explore this space in a relaxed and calm atmosphere with curiosity. In a word, Chuon Chuon Kim 2 Kindergarten is a place full of surprises. It always makes people full of curiosity. Both children and adults are excited. Unpowered amusement Equipment _ Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment Co. , Ltd Group
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