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by:SKP     2020-03-06
Guangzhou SKP company Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. is one of the amusement toy manufacturers in China. The company has a production base of 2000 m² square meters and more than 30 technical backbones. It insists on producing products of good quality, pay attention to production quality and after-sales service system. With years of continuous exploration, our company has developed diversified and trusted products. Now the main products are: children's inflatable battery car, UFO bumper car, robot pedal car, inflatable trampoline, royal carriage, tractor, Mirage Boat, support pool, steel frame bungee jumping, Beach car, plush animal car, large inflatable Shaoguan, million ocean ball pool, etc, scope of Application: schools, kindergartens, gardens, villas, parks, property communities, playgrounds, children's palaces, shopping malls, supermarket lights and various indoor and outdoor places. Inflatable castles produced by Guangzhou SKP company are all made of 0. 48PVC clip net coating is not, the price contains fan, glue and repair materials, with a warranty of 5 years. 20-300 square meters can be customized. Inflatable battery car bumper car 'collision your childhood, show your youth' bumper car, bringing endless joy to generations of Chinese. SKP company bumper cars have stable performance, durability and elegant feeling, and have obvious technical advantages. SKP company bumper cars are made of environmentally-friendly FRP products. They are equipped with advanced positioning, lighting, timing function lights, colorful and colorfast, it has the characteristics of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good stability, beautiful appearance, novel style, good safety performance and wide range of applicable venues. It is a popular amusement equipment for the market and children. Water park-like water park toys have blossomed all over the country. Most provinces and cities have their own water parks, large scale, novelty and stimulation are the development characteristics of water parks in this period. From the financial perspective, no matter how to do the water park launched in the market in recent years, no matter where it falls, the operating profit margin will not be less than 40%, and the profit is certain, the question is how to achieve higher investment efficiency. We have a large number of design and production technical personnel, and have been committed to product development and innovation for a long time, continuously improving production technology and quality management, so as to obtain good market satisfaction results. 'Quality is life, honesty is capital, and service is guarantee' is our principle. SKP company is willing to use excellent products, broad mind, elite team, excellent technology, preferential price and good service establish the brand of SKP company
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