Listen to different voices! Some insights from practitioners of indoor children's parks on amusement equipment-Guangzhou Smart

by:SKP     2020-01-23
No matter what kind of creature, always pour too much love into their children. There is no doubt about the love of children in families with children. Children are full of curiosity about the world and have a strong interest in all aspects of knowledge. And in the growth stage of young children, it is the stage when their world outlook and outlook on life begin to gradually form. Therefore, parents should guide their children according to their children's character and preferences to play in the Paradise, choose the most suitable project. For a children's paradise, Qiyuan Art believes that it is inevitable that children will be exhausted all day long, but if you want to run an indoor children's paradise, you can only start from the children. Cheng is also a child, and he is also a child. Therefore, parents should follow the temptation, let the children's interests and hobbies stabilize, can not see the difference, three minutes of heat. It can gradually form a central hobby among many hobbies, starting from simple hobbies and gradually transferring to the track of developing specialties purposefully. To persevere, and on the road of the child's progress, parents should always accompany, encounter difficulties and setbacks to know how to encourage, stick to the end. In this process, we pay attention to cultivating and improving the perseverance of children who are serious and focused. At the same time, parents should also provide some useful and effective suggestions to inspire their children to think and encourage them to form the habit of thinking alone. From the perspective of parents, we should cherish children's curiosity and patiently and carefully guide children to open the door to creative thinking and satisfy their thirst for knowledge. Guide good children to carefully observe the world, the social operation, the natural world and other fields. Parents should do a good job in guiding their children to explore, and in the process, they will gradually form a good will quality that has perseverance, is not afraid of difficulties, and persists to the end. From the perspective of children, they are full of curiosity about the world and are easily attracted by some adventurous and gambling things. For example, some game machines, poker, mahjong, etc. You should know that these games and entertainment have great influence on children's body and mind. In this respect, parents should pay attention to providing children with a good environment and meaningful hobbies from the beginning, and gradually guide children to form a healthy and positive attitude towards life and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. The above insights are also profound insights for an indoor children's park practitioner. Qiyuan art feels that this is really for the sake of children's growth. I hope that the majority of indoor children's park practitioners can put forward their own insights in this regard, so that our industry can do better and go further. For more information, pay attention to Qiyuan art public number
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