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by:SKP     2020-01-31
How to repair the product? A: If you feel that the toy leaks a lot and needs to be repaired, the repair method is also very simple, just like repairing a bicycle tire. Only PVC materials and special adhesives provided by our factory can be used for repair. Customers who purchase our products will be provided with glue corner materials for repair free of charge within three years. Non-human damage will occur to the goods within one year, toys can be returned to the factory and we will repair them for you free of charge. What raw materials do you use for your products? A: Our company's inflatable products are made of a new type of PVC environmental protection material. The clip net in the material is a high-strength polyester warp knitted fabric, and high-quality PVC slurry is applied to both sides of the clip net by scraping. This kind of material is currently widely used in the world. The product is equipped with: Air Pump, maintenance materials and special glue. This product supports size customization. If there is any style that needs improvement, please be sure to provide relevant pictures. How long is the service life of the product? A: Generally speaking, a piece of equipment can be used by about 100,000 people. If attention is paid to the use environment and normal operation and equipment maintenance, the service life can be prolonged.
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