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by:SKP     2020-02-12
A look at the people who are suitable for the rides. Whether the amusement facilities are suitable for one's physical condition, understand the requirements of the amusement facilities for age or patients with certain diseases, and choose the amusement facilities suitable for one's own consumption. Second, see the passenger notice. Understand the sports characteristics, instructions, safety protection instructions and warnings of amusement facilities, and know fairly well. Listen carefully to the staff's explanation of safety knowledge and safety matters, and ask questions in time if they are unclear. Third, look at the security check mark. Check whether the equipment has the safety inspection certificate and is within the validity period of the inspection. Do not take rides without a registration certificate or a regular inspection report. Four look at the safety device. To view security devices (Such as safety belts, safety bars, etc)Whether it is complete and effective. If there are incomplete safety devices or they cannot be used normally, refuse to ride or play. At the same time, consumers should pay attention not to take children to dangerous amusement facilities; When riding, obey the arrangement of management personnel, consciously fasten safety protection devices such as seat belts, and cooperate with safety protection measures; Do not panic when there is a problem after the amusement facilities are turned on, and obey the command of the staff to avoid unnecessary injuries; If amusement facilities without certificates or safety inspection are found, they should be reported in time to facilitate investigation by relevant departments and ensure the consumption safety of other consumers; If a safety accident occurs in the business premises, attention should be paid to retaining on-site evidence for future complaints. After nearly a hundred years of development, bumper cars, whether in terms of the performance of bumper cars, the shape of bumper cars, or in terms of production of bumper car technology, after-sales service of bumper cars, management of bumper cars, etc, fundamental changes have taken place. Below, we will give a comprehensive introduction to modern bumper cars. The same as before is that bumper cars are used as a kind of amusement equipment to appear in front of everyone. Generally, bumper car operators will choose a specific site. Of course, a more advanced modern bumper car, battery bumper car, does not need a special site, and only needs a flat ground to operate bumper cars, for example, on the cement floor, on the floor tiles, on the terrazzo, on the marble, it can be driven quickly, and the ceiling can be used or not. This is generally based on local climate change, if it is a rainy place, it is best to install a ceiling, so that you can let the players play bumper cars normally in rainy days, bumper Car operators will not cause non-operation at this time.
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