Matters needing attention in buying inflatable castle naughty Castle Guangzhou SKP company helps you analyze, industry news-SKP c

by:SKP     2020-02-01
The prosperity and development of the children's paradise market has driven a large number of investors to enter the industry. With the continuous expansion of market demand, there are more and more varieties of naughty castles, and all kinds of children's amusement products emerge in endlessly. However, after investors' enthusiasm for the project retreated, the problem left was how to deal with these second-hand naughty Fort amusement equipment, so the naughty Fort second-hand market came into being. In order to save operating costs and reduce the operation preparation period, many investors will choose second-hand naughty Castle paradise equipment. Is it reasonable and feasible to do so? Experts from the marketing department of OTT Xiang will briefly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this move for everyone: First of all, the price of used old children's amusement facilities and equipment will definitely be much cheaper, thus saving the input cost; Secondly, without the tedious preparation process of selecting amusement equipment manufacturers, it can directly enter the stage of operating profit; The refurbished old amusement equipment looks basically the same as the new naughty Castle equipment in appearance and color. However, correspondingly, choosing to buy old naughty equipment will also have great problems: 1. All kinds of children's amusement equipment have a service life. After a long period of operation, the components and equipment details of the naughty Castle will be worn to varying degrees, and the maintenance and repair costs will continue to rise; 2. The safety performance of the second-hand naughty Castle is not guaranteed, and it is completely lacking in the after-sales service. The Naughty Castle equipment without regular quality inspection and factory maintenance has great hidden dangers in safety performance; 3. Because the equipment is old, it lags behind the market in style, which is not conducive to long-term operation and continuous profit and lacks market competitiveness. To sum up, SKP company suggests that if you want to take children's naughty Castle as a business for a long time, investors must consult with regular and reliable manufacturers, A new naughty Castle tailored to your site is the way to make a profit. . Operating second-hand amusement equipment actually has many drawbacks, the most important of which is the safety of the equipment. It is suggested that after the amusement equipment is handed over, the seller should carry out all-round inspection, issue the qualification certificate of the quality inspection department and the full set of procedures for equipment purchase, so as to avoid troubles in the later period.
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