Naughty castle design can start from the following points -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-20
The planning of color matching naughty Fort is generally in the selection of colors, which must conform to the age characteristics of children. Children are often more fond of children when giving childlike colors in the design, I also reached a consensus with the children's minds. Using the inherent color of natural organisms or the same color system can make children easier to identify, and adding appropriate color comparison can make the color have a violent impact. In an environment like a children's paradise, bright warm colors will make children's mood more pleasant. The design of appearance and modeling the appearance planning of naughty Castle should first be visually attractive, close to nature, close to life and endowed with vivid expressive force. Secondly, plants, ice and snow can be used in the shape design. For younger children, children can further understand some things and cultivate their observation. The ever-changing appearance can also satisfy children's expectation and fantasy of things. More pictures can be added to the bionic appearance. The changed appearance and pictures will arouse children's imagination, cooperate with the thoughts they are willing to explore. The children's playground must have the ability to attract people. The appearance of the amusement equipment of the children's playground must be interesting, so that the children's interest can be correctly expressed. What are the characteristics of naughty Castle pipe fittings?
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