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by:SKP     2020-01-19
Nowadays, the development prospect of the children's market is very broad and the money is the best, so investors with long-term vision all want to know more information about the joining projects of children's indoor amusement parks, therefore, Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment Co. , Ltd toys will introduce you to the eight strategies of the indoor children's naughty Castle Park, hoping to help you operate the indoor children's naughty Castle park franchise store very well. Let's take a look at the following strategies together! Naughty Castle manufacturers 1. Toy sales strategy: the park can plan all kinds of novel and interesting toys for children in idle places. Children can not only play in the park, but also buy them back, play at home. II. Introduction to theme activities: hold various fun and interesting children's amusement competitions or parent-child theme activities from time to time to attract children and parents and accumulate popularity. Third, holiday promotion strategy: implement different discount policies in major festivals, attract consumers, increase income, children's naughty Castle paradise. Fourth, the celebration strategy: in each celebration, the implementation of the membership card to send preferential strategy, further improve the efficiency, enhance the brand influence, retain old customers, tap new customers, children's naughty Castle paradise. 5. Free Experience Strategy: on the business day, perhaps on special holidays, it is specially open for free, so that children can experience the novel and interesting amusement equipment of children's naughty Castle Park and attract parents to watch and retain potential customers of the park. Sixth, the old-for-new Raiders: children's toys, can be used to exchange for the exclusive toys of the park, scientific and environmentally friendly, and added revenue. Seven, mutual benefit and win-win strategy: cooperate with various training organizations, early education centers, etc. , such as English training classes, so that children can practice English in fun; Cooperate with major kindergartens and primary schools to provide them with support for various competition activities, or provide commercial subsidies to expand the influence of the park, children's naughty Castle Park and add additional benefits. 8. Children's file strategy: establish a common growth File for every member and child free of charge, so that children's paradise can deepen into children's days and attach importance to children's growth, not only can better service, but also can retain customers, children's naughty Castle paradise. The above are the eight marketing strategies compiled for everyone. I hope they will be useful to everyone and wish everyone a prosperous business! Unpowered amusement Equipment _ Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment Co. , Ltd Group
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