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by:SKP     2020-02-21
End of the year (Spring Festival) In the near future, all kinds of amusement consumption will also usher in an opportunity. According to a customer friend who runs a amusement park, the number of tourists who came to the amusement park during the working day was particularly small, the turnover of each family is generally not ideal. But now, especially at night, there are a lot of tourists coming to the amusement park. The operators have also extended their business hours and their daily income has increased to several hundred yuan. On weekends, some rides have a daily income of several thousand. A business owner of the playground said: Every year after New Year's Day, it is the peak season for the operation of inflatable castle rides. Recently, students have been on holiday to add a firewood to the amusement consumption. At present, the operation of various amusement projects is in good condition. It was hard to see the situation of business depression due to too few players, the average attendance rate of recreational projects such as trampoline, rock climbing slides and bumper cars can reach more than 50% each time. According to industry insiders, due to factors such as festivals and festivals, the peak period of inflatable castle amusement consumption will continue until after the Spring Festival. How to maintain the attendance rate of more than 50 in the daily operation, there are also some small skills in the operation of inflatable castle trampoline: 1. Bring some music to attract more children; 2, small decorations, such as lanterns, door mats; 3, add some small toys in the trampoline: such as the ball; 4. Clean the trampoline to make it look newer and cleaner; 5, trampoline stalls are not easy to too late, can not let children play at a time; With this little experience above, your business may be more popular! ! The general amusement industry, as long as the location is not very bad. There are absolute profits. For inflatable trampoline, generally large inflatable castles, the charges are above 10 yuan/time, the playground charges are higher, and the square park charges are generally above 10 yuan, the supermarket entrance near the community is charged at 10 yuan. The small Castle charges around 5 yuan. It is also different from the situation. Generally, it is charged within a time limit, except at the gate of the community. In addition, the big slide, rock climbing class charges a minimum of 10 yuan. According to the investment and the location of the site, the income varies from one hundred yuan to several hundred yuan or even several thousand yuan per day. The recovery of investment is very fast, as long as there is a venue, it is definitely zero risk. Related links: inflatable battery car cover children's inflatable battery car robot pedal inflatable trampoline slide
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