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by:SKP     2020-02-03
In a cheerful music, a dynamic swing contest is about to begin. . . . . . In this game, in addition to the tourists, the protagonist also has our online Red equipment 'net Red Bridge '. Above the water, in the laughter and laughter, I tried hard to shake off my opponent's hand, and the summer style was gradually spreading. But now in the fall, and then in the winter, how can the net red bridge swing the crowd and shake the proceeds? We know that in the summer, the net red bridge is used more with the support pool, so how to use the net red bridge to attract tourists again in autumn and winter? Recently, an inflatable equipment produced by Guangzhou Haibei amusement factory may be exactly what the net red bridge operators need, that is, the inflatable cushion 1, this inflatable cushion, under the action of inflation, soft and soft, it can reduce the impact of the human body and bones. It is just right to use it with the net red bridge in autumn and winter. 2. It can be customized according to the size of the net Red Bridge. Both the appearance color shape and the thickness of the cushion can be customized. 3. Guangzhou Haibei inflatable cushion adopts pvc mesh cloth. This material is strong and durable, which not only prolongs the service life, but also facilitates subsequent folding and movement. 4, not only the net red bridge equipment can use inflatable cushion, such as: colorful slide cushion, fire emergency equipment, pole vault in sports events, etc. , can use inflatable cushion.
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