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by:SKP     2020-01-29
New amusement equipment suitable for squares? Chinese aunts have become a common word in the hot search list. The fame of Chinese aunts begins with square dance. The square is a leisure place in every city. No matter in which city, no matter what cultural background. Most Chinese like to go to the nearby square after dinner or lunch. When real estate developers promote their own real estate, the slogan they often play is also close to a certain Square. Every night, the squares in every city are crowded and lively. When the government invests in urban infrastructure, the planning of the square is essential. It can be seen the importance of the square to the Chinese. The square is not only a place for Chinese aunts to dance, but also a place for young people to gather, play and walk for a variety of entertainment. Children are no exception. We often see children's play equipment in the square. So what are the new amusement equipment with good business in the square?     Types of new amusement equipment:  Due to the limitation of the venue, the placement of large amusement equipment in the square is not feasible. The children's amusement equipment in the square is mainly small amusement equipment. All kinds of amusement equipment have their own advantages and are also very popular with children. For example, cake Mimi car is a small cartoon car driven by electricity. Children can drive easily by themselves. The design of the seat conforms to the characteristics of human mechanics and is comfortable and safe. In the process of starting, there are music lights, and children can also see their favorite cartoons through the screen. Therefore, among the new amusement equipment in the square, it is one of the children's favorite equipment. Inflatable Castle, using environmentally friendly cloth, with the castle as the shape, with the continuous air supply of the blower to maintain its shape, after the children enter the castle, only in the soft Castle, hide and seek, play, play, it is a good helper for communication between children. Children can exercise and develop intelligence by turning, rolling, climbing, shaking, shaking, jumping and other activities. But also easy to disassemble and transport. In addition to the main introductions, there are also children's amusement equipment with good business in the square, such as swinging boards and carousel equipment. Recommended reading: How to avoid problems in the operation of new amusement equipment  The manufacturers of new amusement equipment are also the focus of our consideration. In the production of amusement equipment in the square, there are many manufacturers of amusement equipment, and the quality and appearance of the equipment are also very different, children's amusement equipment with good business in the square has the same characteristics: the manufacturer is trustworthy, the quality is guaranteed, the appearance is novel and diverse, and it is suitable for the actual situation of the square. Have good after-sales service. In the open-air environment of the square, the quality of the products is even more important. Not only should the safety of users be guaranteed, but also the service life and the convenience of daily management of operators should be guaranteed.
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