New battery bumper car: Guangzhou SKP company's new battery bumper car is on the market, industry news-SKP c

by:SKP     2020-02-10
New battery bumper car: Guangzhou SKP company amusement new battery bumper car hot listing Guangzhou SKP company New battery bumper car hot listing, industry production research and development, design and sales of integrated battery bumper car manufacturers, with the development of battery bumper cars, great progress has been made, especially the square tank bumper cars, which have become the square overlord of battery bumper car products, the following are the changes and business models of new battery bumper cars brought by SKP company. A detailed explanation of the application of battery bumper cars, for example, on cement floors, floor tiles, terrazzo and marble, can be driven quickly. Do you want a ceiling, this should also be based on local climate change. If it is a rainy place, it is best to install a ceiling, so that you can play the battery bumper car normally in rainy days, battery bumper car operators do not cause poor operating conditions at this time. Applicable site for battery bumper cars a battery bumper car usually puts several battery bumper cars according to the size of the site, and the active area of a battery bumper car is about 10 m² square meters. Battery bumper car players enter the venue to drive the battery bumper car. When all the players are ready, the operator will set the driving time of the battery bumper car by remote control and then start again, in this way, all bumper cars will move against each other and collide with each other, forward or backward under the influence of the players. But the gamers don't have to worry that the battery bumper car will run outside, because the bumper car site is surrounded by rubber aprons or walls made of bricks. The rules of the game of battery bumper cars the driver strives to make his bumper car hit the opponent's bumper car at the fastest speed, let the opponent's battery bumper car hit the outside and exit, and complete the circle in the field, on the way, it will naturally be hit by other people's bumper cars. Therefore, when playing bumper cars, it is best to rampage freely and hit the battery bumper cars of the opponents around to enjoy the fun. When the time is up, the battery bumper car operator will press the close switch, and all battery bumper cars will stop working. At this point, a battery bumper car game has come to an end. Interested users recommend reading 2019SKP company double battery bumper car listing.
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