New children's play equipment enhances the popularity of the park- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-21
During the operation of indoor children's amusement park, children's amusement equipment cannot remain unchanged. In addition to the renewal of management concept, it is also very important for the introduction and promotion of new children's amusement equipment, this plays a vital role in the success or failure of management; Children's amusement equipment with new shapes, new functions and new game interfaces will surely attract more curious children to play and increase the popularity of children's theme parks. A brief analysis of the reasons why naughty Castle is not popular 1. Hang a small sign on the new children's amusement equipment and clearly write the playing methods of the equipment on it; 2. Place new children's play equipment in a conspicuous place, and use colorful decorations such as ribbons and balloons to dress up and attract the attention of tourists; 3. If the cost permits, the operator can launch a free trial to allow the child to participate for the first time. I like it for the first time, and it is not difficult to be attracted later; 4. Launch corresponding activities for new children's amusement equipment ( Such as the length of the gift, the lottery, the use of Polaroid free photo imaging, etc) Let parents feel that children's experience of new equipment can not only cultivate their children's exploration spirit, but also bring more fun to play; 5. Arrange staff to decompose and demonstrate the operation of the equipment beside the new children's amusement equipment. If the staff have high affinity, it can also attract many children; 6. Set up a sign at the entrance of the indoor children's park to remind the 'new partner', let the children play the game of finding a 'new partner' and set up an award appropriately, children will naturally turn their attention to new amusement equipment. It is worth noting that in the operation of the children's theme park, because children will feel strange about the newly introduced children's play equipment, they must be equipped with staff during the play operation, to ensure the safety of children.
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